Wands are a magickal tool used for enhancing your internal power, during healings, meditations, and magick. Each wand is handcrafted, spelled, and charged with a specific intention or energy.  All wands come with incantations for proper activation and adjustment to your energy field.


Wizard Wand

Crafted By: Jess


Inspired by the energy of Emrys, you may know him as Merlin the wise and great Wizard during Arthurian time. Also known as the Dragon Lord, he was able to tame the most wild and free creature in the elemental kingdom. This wand is all about calming your center, releasing limiting emotions helping to make sense of the chaos we allow to muster within us. Working with and enhancing your internal power, activating your inner witch or wizard. Lepidolite/amethyst point helps to balance and open third eye and crown chakras allowing you to connect with your higher self.  Wand also comes with totem wizard hat, hand made with magickal rune to promote feelings of joy.



Dimensions - 11" x 1"

Wizard Wand

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