I'm here to teach you how to create your own sacred space!

This is just the beginning of the of sacred containers I am creating....

So I’ve decided to create this space because of my experiences within the last few weeks. Since I have dropped my one on one healings I've noticed this “frantic” energy around the idea of Ashley not being so available. Well actually I'm more available to connect with you on higher and more intense level! Also I am here to teach you how to do some of this work yourself. I love to empower people!

On this 2 hour call I will discuss the many elements of how to create your own sacred space. This energy is within all of us and as a teacher, healer, and leader I want to show you how to access this divine energy! This space is welcome for ALL levels of spiritual practitioners. This information is sooo needed, and can help so many of you save time in making certain decisions. These are also questions I get asked ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time. So please take advantage of this offer now because payments will change after the 30th. (More explained at the bottom)

If you are advanced and already have a healing practice you will receive a more structured look at the Do’s and Don’ts with clients. It may even help you understand why you are getting so drained or just attracting people that may not want to put in the work. If you are new to the spiritual world or just starting to dive in this will be great because I give tips on self- healing and self- awareness and more!

We will briefly discuss the following:

What is sacred space?
What is self-healing?
How to attain self- awareness?

There will be discussion on sacred containers. What are they and how they work? Why they are important for the Ascension?

Then we will briefly discuss these certain elements to your sacred space:
-Energy Work
- Power of Positivity while being REALISTIC
-Rest and TIME OFF (Seriously this was a hard lesson!)
-Discipline in your practice (Many do NOT understand this)

We will also touch upon…
What teachers and mentors are for?
Red flags when connecting with “teachers” and so called “mentors”

What Healers are for?
Red flags when connecting to so called “Healers”

*Also all who participate will receive downloads and information to your next steps*

This is important for all to learn and a lot of this I had to learn through hard lessons. I have been an Energy Worker for about 10 years, professional for 5, and I would love to share this info with everyone. I am grateful for these lessons, if you are just beginning, this can help you make some important decisions for your practice. If you are already, a healer, teacher, reader or anything in this field, this call can really help you learn more about your practice and how to create better outcomes without draining the FUUUUCK out of yourself!

Cost: $55


*Once you make a payment you will receive an email with the link! I cannot add you to the group if we are not personal FB friends.*

You will also have this content as long as the page is open and I will be adding more content after the course. (There’s sooooo much to discuss!)

The Importance of Creating Sacred Space


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