Abundance Stargate?


Galactic Transmissions??


Yes! Yes! Yes! And more YES!


I love the word Stargate, it makes me feel at home, or shall I say makes me feel like I’m going home. LOL


So I’ve never really created content specifically on Abundance, it’s always been Manifestation, Magick (Intro to Spell), or Law of Attraction. These are all great and we need to learn the basics, but I want to dive deeper into the Divine Creatrix! Do you??


I’ve decided to try something a little different, just because I’m going back to my Galactic roots. Anyways here we go! Get ready to take off, and I’m so excited to experience this as well. Yes, we are going to bring in Abundance through our Soul Star Chakra, and anchoring our intentions all the way into our Earth Star chakra. I’ve been called to open up an energetic frequency with my galactic guides to bring this energy in specifically through the ether! Are you ready?? I AM!!


So here’s the deal, in order to be open to receiving abundance your heart needs to be aligned with your intentions. There are many times we become so fixated on certain outcomes, end results, and all the blah blah BS that we forget the main objective!! Where’s your heart at??


Then here comes the clutter, the stupid thoughts, and the people we ask to help us because we lose trust in ourselves (who don’t understand shit about what we are trying to do). We get annoyed and frustrated and then we just stop. NO! Let’s keep moving, creating, healing, inspiring, trusting, and having fun while doing it!


These 3 calls will help move the stagnate energies, while bringing more coherence, structure, and stability to your creations. There will also be journaling exercises for each call, so you will have homework, but this is a great way to hold yourself accountable!


Lastly, it’s all about accountability when creating abundance. The universe will hold you accountable for your actions and lack of as well. These transmissions will help you receive the upgrades that you need in your field in order to open your heart to receive. Honestly, I’m just excited to work with these energies!


We will connect with the Arcturians who will open the gateway and then bring in some other master teachers to help with the transmissions. This is a great way to connect with these energies and learn their vibrational frequencies.


There will be 3 live calls for this group:


1st Call June 22, 2019 10:00 AM EST Time: Moving Through the Mind will be the 1st Transmission, and will be connecting to the Ascended Master Commander Ashtar. He’s a boss, so be ready!


2nd  Connecting With the Body, and we will be working with the Christ Consciousness. Do we even need an introduction for this energy??

3rd Clearing The Karmic field with the Violet Flame and St. Germaine. Are you ready for transcendence??


This call will be in a private Facebook group, so that means you will have unlimited access!



Price is $122.00 for the 4 Calls


(After purchase Ashley will email link & instructions)


No Refunds**

Stargate to Abundance


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