Do you desire to strengthen your connection with Spirit? Our very own Spirit Communication spray will assist you with this, for self use only. This spray must be activated to your specific energy, by using the white chime candle prior to use will insure this. Please charge candle with your intention prior to lighting, sitting quietly with candle in hands allowing it to attune to your energy is also another way to place your intention within the candle. After spray potion has been activated to your personal energy, potion should be sprayed over Crown Chakra (top of head) or within your energy field.  Journaling while using spray is the best way to recall your messages received during connection.



Here at Ascension Nxt we take pride in our craft, supplying Magickal Elements 2 Ascension is one of our specialties. Our handcrafted sprays are all made in store, spelled, and charged for specific intention or energy.  These spray potions are designed to clear and amplify your energy field, helping you to harmonize with your souls purpose.

Spirit Communication Spray

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    We have decided to implement this action because we are a store that sells products based on energy and magickal purpose. Due to this we do not want anything used or handled from others on our shelves. When product comes in from distributors we clean everything with energy work and Sage. If there is a problem with anything you have purchased we can fix it or give you store credit. Thank you.