Here at Ascension Nxt we take pride in our craft, supplying Magickal Elements 2 Ascension is one of our specialties. Our handcrafted sprays are all made in store, spelled, and charged for specific intention or energy. These spray potions are designed to clear and amplify your energy field, helping you to harmonize with your souls purpose.

In addition to our Archangel Michael Cord Cutting spray, we are now offering our very own Sage Spray. This is not only for the common clearing uses of dried sage bundles. Other than being smokeless, this awesome blend packs an added punch for Protection and Blessings. Use on self, home, car, workplace, after giving a healing or before rituals. When in doubt spray away, come by today and try some out.


Sage Spray

  • Please take note that all sales are final.


    We have decided to implement this action because we are a store that sells products based on energy and magickal purpose. Due to this we do not want anything used or handled from others on our shelves. When product comes in from distributors we clean everything with energy work and Sage. If there is a problem with anything you have purchased we can fix it or give you store credit. Thank you.