This beautiful stone is found all over the world, but mostly in Italy, Spain, Peru, and also used by ancient Incas as mirrors. This crystal is also known as "fools gold" and is great for increasing the power of the third chakra in both men and women. Pyrite will help give a boost for accomplishing tasks and enhance will power. Overcome bad habits and establish new patterns of health and positive energy with this stone. 


Healing Crystals are gifts from Gaia (Mother Earth) here to help us on our path. Used for centuries to heal emotional, spiritual, and physical ailments. The more the crystal is used the more effective its healing powers will be. Protective stones should be carried more frequently, some stones you may only use during meditation or during sleeping hours. Making crystal grids in the home is another wonderful way to use them.


Be sure to care for your crystals, as they are living beings and do require maintenance. When purchasing stones we advise you to allow them to sit in Sea Salt over night before you begin to use them, this will extract any energy that the crystal may have absorbed. Be cautious if stones are wrapped in metal wire or in jewelry settings, you don’t want it to tarnish in this case you should use a sage smudge. We also advise you not to use water for a cleansing method; some stones are delicate and cannot get wet.


When we receive new inventory we faithfully clean, cleanse with energy work, and charge all product before putting on our shelves. Another helpful tip when your crystals are clean you can charge them under the moon light, ideally the day before, day of, and day after a Full moon.  


Pyrite Merkaba