Are you ready to take your spiritual practice to the next level?


Honestly, I love readings but I love to see my clients learn how to connect on their own! 


Go within! Find the answers for yourself and then receive guidance when you really need it! 


This is why I say the Guru is Dead! They are, we are our own Gurus now! Spiritual Teachers will always be needed, I get it I need them too but we need to stop being so dependent on others for answers and this is why I am here. To teach you how to do what I do!!!


Are you a Psychic, Seerer, Oracle, Healer, Intuitive, Empath or just super connected to your intuitive energy?  Would  you like to learn more about how to channel and read this energy? Then keep reading because I got a great offer here!


I’m all about helping other’s enhance their magickal abilities, I’m great at it and I love it!  You can never stop learning and expanding your magickal and spiritual energy. In fact you should be constantly learning and working on these Divine gifts. I’ve heard from far too many people that they were hiding their intuitive talents for years or they stop learning because they think they know it all. Both is BS! Stop hiding and stop thinking you know it all! Also stop think this work isn’t important, because it is and the world needs more connected people right now! We need people who are connected, clear and ready to shed their divine light, step into their leadership roles and shift the energy on this planet. You staying the same and stagnate isn’t helping anyone. You hiding in the muggle isn’t hiding anyone either! Let’s move forward and take our self help work seriously!


So many people have been asking me to do this so here is it!

There are only 20 spots available ( for remote & in-person learning).


So It’s finally here! I have developed my 1st Psychic Development course that will  be 12 weeks of learning, downloads & powerful expansion! Yes and you will have around the clock access to a private Facebook group with the rest of the witches and wizards who decide to join.  There will be homework, handouts, and fun Psychic activities. So no need to keep watching your favorite magical movies over and over again and saying “damn I wish I could do that”! You should be watching these movies being like “damn now I know how to do that”!


So many people have been asking for this for such a long time! Spirit Circle was one of my events that taught some aspects of Psychic Development, but this is soooo much more!


So lets go! Jump on this because its soooo cheap for what I am teaching! This is my intro offer. The price will triple or at least double the next time I teach this!


Check out the details below….


Psychic Development (Intro Course) 


You asked for it and here it is! This will be an intense 12 week course to help create a deeper connection to your Psychic and intuitive abilities. It will also be a “hands on” active course where we will practice many techniques to learn and connect with our innate abilities. 


 This course is great for beginners and also people who are at an advanced level because you will be assigned homework which will enhance your abilities regardless of where you are in the vibrational spectrum. 


Also, this class will be offered remotely and in person. (Space is limited for the course due to the activities we will part take in.) You will be added in a private Facebook group where everything will be recorded and placed into the group. This way you can access the material when you need to. Also within the Facebook group you can stay connected and ask questions in-between classes about assignments and homework. This is a great way to stay connected and converse about your work and progress. Community and support are important for this work, stay connected and stay in-tune. 


Here’s a rundown of what we will be doing….


The 1st class will be the Intro to the course and an outline of what we will be focusing on for the weeks to come.  We will learn about the 4 main Clairs and test which one is most active within your psychic system at the moment. The point of psychic development is to try to develop all of your Clairs so that you can connect with many different abilities. It also gives you an understanding of the energies you are connecting with. In my opinion,I feel you will always have a Clair that is the strongest, but it’s great to learn how to work with them all. 


We will learn about the 4 main Clair’s..






We will also learn and practice:

Remote Viewing 


Psychic Channeling Into energy fields 

Card Reading & Channeling 

Psychic Protection & whatever else I feel needs to come into the course


A lot of the activities I will be channeling from the divine in what is needed directly for the group.


You will receive:

Access to a Private FB group for support, community & Recorded Classes

Written content 

Random Videos added in the group (Extra Material when needed) 

Access to me while in the course for questions, comments, and concerns 

Sources for Psychic Development 


Journaling Prompts connected with Activities 


The intention of this course is to create a safe sacred space for you to learn how to connect to your abilities and enhance what needs to be enhanced. Please come into this course ready to commit and put in the work needed. 


*No refunds.**


Here are the prices:

If you are in Ascension Warriors purchase your tickets in there for discounts!

$420 Total if paid in FULL or..

6 Payments of $77.77 


Here are the dates: If you can’t make in person you can catch the recording.

All classes 7pm EST – 9PM Est 

October 9 & 23 

November 6 & 20

December 4 & 18 


All levels welcomed! Email for any questions!

Psychic Development Series


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