Nurturing your Being

 Mother Mary Box


Blessed Mother, Madonna, Our Lady whichever name you prefer there is no mistaking the energy of Mother Mary. Her beautiful Divine pure love is comforting, warm, and healing. She teaches us the need for self love, the healing of ones heart awakens the Divine love within us. The Divine Love of Mary will allow the feelings of not being worthy of love to dissipate, opening you up to receive love. Use this box to connect to Mother Mary for healing, comfort or to invoke her energy to assist with your healing.



Hand poured votive Candle: Poured entirely to connect with the Blessed Mother, suggested to use while enjoying bath soak.

Hand Crafted Bath Soak: Combination of natural salts, lavender and rose. Charged with the energy of Mary. Use by placing mesh bag in bath or empty small amount in bath for multiple uses.


Selenite- Communication with higher self, spirit guides & angels

Pink Gerisol Quartz- Amplify your ability to be creative, relaxed, hopeful and optimistic. Balance emotions and increase control over impulsive behavior.

Fuchsia Geode- Amplifying Feminine energy this lovely stone will assist in harmony and creativity.


Nurture Your Being with Mother Mary Box

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