Intuitive Clarity Wand

Crafted by: Jess


This wand is designed to attune you to your infinite connection, an intuitive knowing we all carry and at times dismiss. The base of this beautiful wand is anchored with black tourmaline, grounding and shielding you from outside negative distractions or thoughts. This protection will allow the Chrysocolla thumb/finger rest to open your heart with ease and lack of fear. Continuing to the spirit quartz point to draw in and merge your higher self to your physical self. Promoting clarity in even the most confusing situations, while helping to eliminate the second guessing nature of our ego.


Wands are a magickal tool used for enhancing your internal power, during healings, meditations, and magick. Each wand is handcrafted, spelled, and charged with a specific intention or energy. All wands come with incantations for proper activation and adjustment to your energy field.


Dimensions - 9" x 1/2"


Intuitive Clarity Wand

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