Its here! You have all been asking and waiting!


Everyone who knows me, knows I looooove talking about ETs, this has literally been my life. I have been studying, researching, and have had some intense experiences throughout my life. I truly believe in the Galactic connections on Earth and really feel it’s time humans get ready to open up to a Galactic Community connecting with us in our dimension. 


During this call I will touch upon some history that I have learned over the years, the different species, and some of my theories as to why they have been hidden from humans for centuries! I will also talk briefly on the spiritual connections we can have with some of these beings.  So get your tin foil hats and popcorn, here we go! 


 Also guess what’s so special with this ETs 101? You can keep it forever! Yesss!! I will host this class Live on Facebook in a private group, so you can watch it as many times as you want. This is just the beginning of my ET series, and when you join this workshop you will receive discounts on some future offers that are connected with this subject! I will be adding videos, articles, and other content connected with this subject, besides the 2 Hour live call!

Cost:  $55

(No refunds) 

After you register, I will email you a link to the private Facebook group, unless we are friends on Facebook I will just add you in. See you soon

ETs 101


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