Collecting your Bounty 

{Working with the Norse God Frey}

Frey the Norse God of the Harvest, assisting with all matters of fertility especially relating to sustainability and your bountiful growth. Use of this kit will help to reap what you sew pertaining to your hard work, or to kick start your ambition to continue putting in the hard work; allowing for a fruitful bounty. 

How to use: 

While in your sacred space arrange crystals in grid formation with candle in the center. Use intuition for ideal placement, also may be done on prosperity altar if you use one. Sprinkle herb throughout grid formation, you may also keep some to carry in a wallet or purse. With clear intentions be specific about your bounty, the areas you would like to see an increase or ideal goals associated with your craft or purpose; write on paper and place next to candle. Candle should be burned in holder similar to the size, this will insure all wax is burned for potency of spell. Please be advised not to leave candle lit overnight or unattended as there are herbs that may ignite causing candle flame to be larger than expected; please be cautious of this.

Items for spell working:

Hand poured Votive candle- Channeling the energy of the God Frey for collecting your bounty.

Marigold Herb- Protection and added strength for calming the heart and knowing your worth. After spell is complete herb may be burned or disposed in nature to balance the energy.

1 Carnelian- Instilling ambition, attracting prosperity, new resources and good luck. After spell is finished it is suggested to carry stone with extra herbs from spell. 

1  Orange Calcite- Enhances creativity, powerful energy amplifier and cleanser.

4 Citrine- Possesses the healing properties of the Sun offering optimism and love.


Collecting Your Bounty

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  • Ascension Nxt Intention Candles


    Thank you for your interest in our intention candles, please read instructions and warnings before purchasing.

     Please do not blow out candles if you have to put them out, please snuff them out because blowing out intention candles effects the elements working within the intention. For best results burn in holder similar to size of candle, this allows wax to fully burn ensuring completion of intention. If wax remains in holder return excess wax to the earth, our products are organic and safe for the environment.

    Also keep in mind on certain moon phases (ex. Waxing moon for bringing certain energies towards you (Prosperity), Waning for getting rid of unwanted energies (Banishing candles.) Full moons are great for any intention. Enjoy!


    Be sure to remove the label on any candle that is not covered with glass. Burn within sight; if candle comes with extra herb mixture be cautious DO NOT ADD TO CANDLE! This should be burned separately on slow burning charcoal or over sage, also may be carried in sachet. Keep away from things that may catch fire. Please keep away from places children may be able to reach.


    Blessed Be