Ascension Blessing Cards have arrived! Available only at Ascension Nxt, these beautiful cards were created with the help of a local artist; designed to assist you on your path to Ascension. Use these cards for daily blessings for yourself and/or with clients following healing session and/or card reading. We have left the back of these cards blank, this will allow you to write a message or place a sticker with your contact information. In this pack you will receive two different blessings from each Brigid, Merlin, Archangel Michael, Odin, Mother Mary, The Arcturians, and Buddha. Available in single pack of 11 for $5 and double of 22 for $8.


Ascension Blessing Cards

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    We have decided to implement this action because we are a store that sells products based on energy and magickal purpose. Due to this we do not want anything used or handled from others on our shelves. When product comes in from distributors we clean everything with energy work and Sage. If there is a problem with anything you have purchased we can fix it or give you store credit. Thank you.