Artemis the Greek Goddess also known as the “Huntress of Souls” was the daughter of Zeus and sister of Apollo. Embodying the forest with her wood nymphs, hunting animals and also protecting them with her bow and arrow along with young children, and unmarried woman. Artemis relies on her instincts, and is here to remind us to follow and develop our own intuition as humans.


Statues are another magickal element we offer here at Ascension Nxt. Statues similar to our handmade products, can be used to channel specific energy into your home, work or sacred space allowing you to work with distinct energy.  We have a wide range of statues, all chosen through intuition and understanding of their energies. If you have any questions about the statues we carry or would like to special order a specific statue please feel free to contact us.




  • Please take note that all sales are final.


    We have decided to implement this action because we are a store that sells products based on energy and magickal purpose. Due to this we do not want anything used or handled from others on our shelves. When product comes in from distributors we clean everything with energy work and Sage. If there is a problem with anything you have purchased we can fix it or give you store credit. Thank you.