Arcturian Group Coaching Call (Online in Private FB Group)

If you haven’t booked an Arcturian Coaching session, then you will definitely want to join this call!

This energy is so intense and I will be bringing my A game for this special container I am creating on July 31, 2019.

This will give you an energetic boost, help with life path alignment, and cellular restructuring. The one on one sessions with clients have been so intense! Clients are going from 0 to 60 just from one session. This is a super charged coaching session and also there will be lot of healing within this container. I want to share this with more people which is why I am doing a special group session!

Here’s what one client said about the Arctrurian Coaching:

“I would say my favorite part of the coaching has been the ability to freely channel and access information that is usually inaccessible due to blocks. I thoroughly enjoy the endless integration and downloads that come through in an organized clear message! I’d relate it to auric acupuncture allowing me to break through and freely channel important steps I should be taking, and how to take them in order to advance toward my ultimate goal. LIFE. CHANGING!”

What we will work on:

*Getting FN clear

*Breaking down the issues, not just removing blocks but helping you understand where they are coming from (the core issues)

* Getting you on your A game

* Setting your sacred space with an Arcturian Temple & a Light Language Activation

This is just to name a few! Also whoever joins this call will receive a discount for a half hour coaching session! After doing hour sessions I realized I could really do a lot in just a half hour! Prices are going up for the hour sessions, so grab this while you can!

Check out the description below for the Arcturian Coaching:

One on one Arcturian Coaching with Ashley V. is one of Ashley’s newest services inspired by the Arcturian Healing!! During these sessions we will open up a gateway to cosmic energies to help you expand your energy frequencies to a higher level. We will work on the following:

-Life Path Alignment

-Clear Negative Mental Patterns

-Advancement in Healing or Teaching Practices

-Becoming More Clear with your Purpose

-DNA Upgrades

-Unlock Hidden Talents on a Soul Level

-Releasing Resistance

-Release Old Blueprints

-Energetic Upgrades

During these sessions Ashley will open up an Arcturian Dimensional Bridge to connect you with your higher self, spirit guides, Angels and any other galactic beings of the highest divine order. We will work in this safe container as well as others to receive insight on how to move forward, release blocks, become inspired, journey to higher frequencies and or whatever it is that is needed at this time for momentum.

Ashley has been connecting with ET energy since a child and works specifically with the Arcturians. The intention of Arcturian Coaching is to bring the client to the highest energetic form they can hold at the current time in their life. It also opens the client up to talents from past, present, and future life times which creates a stronger link to your higher self and star connections. One of the Arcturians most prominent traits is problem solving. They never focus on problems, only solutions, this is their forte.

How to Join call:

***Buy a ticket with the Eventbrite Link, then you will be added to the Private Facebook group. (Or the link will be emailed to you.)

The call will be on July 31,2019 at 7:00 Pm EST time, if you cannot join live you can watch the video whenever you have time. You will have access to this as long as Ashley is active on Facebook.***

**Limited Spaces**

So I’m doing something really cool and giving everyone a chance to get in on this opportunity! This is on a 1st come 1st serve basis, so I would act now if you are interested in this event!

Cost $77.00!

Arcturian Group Coaching Call


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